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Christa's Critters

The face behind the page

Hi! I'm Christa and I'm the owner and artist of Christa's Critters. 


How did all of this begin? Funny enough, our home welcomed a single reptile into our home in 2018. One bearded dragon turned into two, then a gargoyle gecko and a crested gecko. This spiraled quickly into a pure and deep love for New Caledonian species...followed by snakes and other species. 

We have several exotic pets (including sugar gliders) but my business goal is to breed and raise beautiful and healthy crested, gargoyle and chahoua geckos who will make awesome breeding specimens and/or forever loved family pets. 

I truly hope you love any animals that come from my productions and I can't wait to see what next season brings! 


I have always loved art. As a child I sketched almost every day. In 2017 I began incorporating paint into my art and my pet portraits took off! I painted mostly dogs and cats but eventually people began to commission small animals and even reptiles. Since then I have incorporated sculptures, prints and logo art as well. I really enjoy the art aspect and am so glad I've been able to find a way to bring my two passions together. 


We have decided to expand our reach this year, from just vending at shows and our online presence, to bringing some of this experience TO YOU. Christa's Critters will now be offering a reptile and exotic experience to travel to your local libraries, cub scouts and even in home parties. Check out our page describing how this works and how to book us for your next event!

Thank you for all of your support and trust in me to provide thriving animals, experiences and beautiful artwork! I couldn't do it without you.

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